The Little Steps Gym role in the fitness sector
Throughout the country, more people than ever before appreciate the need to be physically fit. they understand that exercise not only enhances appearance, but improves general health, protects against illness and leads to longer life. Many parents go to adult fitness classes themselves and know how important it is for their children to take regular exercise. Youngsters really cannot start too soon, but it is important that their introduction to physical activity is properly planned and supervised - and it is absolutely essential that they also enjoy it!

With classes that provide precisely for this need within the niche of pre-school physical education, Little Steps Gym is projected to develop as an important part of the U.K. personal fitness scene

The Little Steps Gym Explained
Little Steps Gym runs structured fitness classes for pre-school children in four age groups
babies from 6 to 15 months (accompanied by an adult)

toddlers from 15 months to 3 years (accompanied by an adult)

youngsters from 3 to 5 years

5 to 7 Years

Regular classes are held during the school term times, mornings and afternoons between 9.00 am and 3.30pm, each lasting for 45 minutes.

A very important feature is the brightly coloured Little Steps Gym equipment designed with under 5's very much in mind and includes British Gymnastic Gym Time apparatus.

All the exercise programmes are to Little Steps Gym routines and are accompanied by recorded music.

Could You Do It ?

First and foremost, previous experience is not necessary. Neither do you need to be super-fit.

The key attributes for success as a Little Steps Gym franchisee are

  • good health
  • personal energy
  • enthusiasm for physical fitness
  • enjoyment for working with children
  • outgoing personality

    and not least

    • enterprise - you are a business!
Franchisee Training Programme

Our Franchisee Training is extremely comprehensive and covers everything you need to know in setting up and developing your Little Steps Gym. In addition to instruction in the exercise programmes, and running the classes, you are also trained in all the aspects of running a business - administration , accounting, arranging venues and, very importantly local marketing to attract your customers through the door. As a proprietor of your business, under franchise license, you will need to attend to these matters, although they will not be a heavy burden on your time, due to the exclusive Little Steps Gym Data Management software.

Continuing Support
As a Little Steps Gym franchisee, you are not alone and benefit from an on-going package of support that aims to help you run a thriving business. We maintain regular contact, providing you with up-dated information on children's fitness training and new initiatives to further your local reputation. Should you ever be in need of advice or further guidance on any aspect of your business, we are just a phone call away
Financial Details

Your income is derived from fees charged for the Classes, Parties and Holiday Activities, and from sales of Merchandise.

In business terms, this provides for healthy cash flow, with no debt problems, as fees are received in advance and all sales are paid for "on the spot".

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