Every Child who attends Little Steps Gym in the following age groups receives 

certificates and badges in recognition of there hard work during the term. 

                                                               Steps Toddlers (15 months to 2 3/4 years ) 

                                             Steps Kids (2 3/4 to 4 3/4 years)

                                             Steps Club (4 3/4  to 7 years)


 We run two schemes  

Little Steps Gym rewards  


The Funfit awards Scheme

(British Amateur Gymnastics ) 


Both schemes are designed to reward the child for progression and improvement. This gives parents an opportunity to monitor their child's progression. The Little Steps gym award is given for one particular skill and the British Gymnastic one is made up of 8-10 skills. 

The Little Steps certificates are given for the three main skills Action ,Balance, and Co-ordination and the British Gymnastics rewards are a combination of all of the ABC skills. The full details of the schemes can be found on display around your local Little Steps gyms.  

We do not see them as any kind of competition. The certificates are given to encourage and reward the children, they are given on improvement of a skill, this means that every child has the chance to gain the full range of rewards.

At Little Steps Gym we want every child to get fun and enjoyment out of their classes and this is another way to get the very best out of every child.




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